Jane Getecha

Jane started her nursing career in Nairobi Kenya as a staff nursein the pediatric unit this was after a three and half years training program. Jane went back to school to study for one year training in midwifery. Jane joined a community hospital Operating Room (OR) and worked for three years as a staff nurse where she was exposed to all surgeries in the scrubbing and circulating roles. Jane was hired by a group of general vascular surgeons as their first assistant and was responsible for all theirpatients’ pre and post care as well as managing the daily running of the office; she stayed with this group for seven years.

Jane immigrated to the USA and in 1995 and upon completion of the NCLEX exam was hired in the OR as a circulator. Jane went back to school in 2000 and completedher Bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN)and graduated with honors in 2004. In 2006 Jane started her master’s degree in Nursing Leadership and Management and graduated with honors in August 2009. During this time Jane worked as a Circulating and Scrubbing nurse in a Cardiac Operating room unit where she assisted in all cardiac surgeries. Jane was a Preceptor of new nurses to the unit and later became the Preceptor Coordinator for the Cardiac unit.

Jane has a certified Nurse Operating Room (CNOR) certificate since 1998

Jane joined nursing management in Boise Idaho in 2007 where she was in charge of the Cardiac Operating Room for seven years.

Jane moved to Saudi Arabia in Oct of 2014 as the Head Nurse for the Cardiac Operating Room in King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center

Jane has been a member of the Honor Society, Sigma Theta Tau, Association Operating Room Nurse and the American Association of University Women