Dr. Khaled Solaiman Ibrahim Al Najashi

– Bachelor of Medical of Surgery (MBBS) February 1995 – King Faisal University, Dammam, K.S.A
– Saudi Board Pediatric (CSBP) March 2002 – Riyadh, K.S.A
– Arab Board in Paediatric (CABP) April 2002 – Riyadh, K.S.A
– Pediatric Cardiology Training Program – April 2002-June 2005
– Fellowship and Adult Congenital Heart Disease – July 2005-June 2007 – Toronto, Canada

Positions Held:
– Director – Pediatric Cardiology Department (Feb 2013 up to present)- Prince Sultan Cardiac, Riyad K.s.A.
– Deputy Director of Pediatric Cardiology Dept. (july 2012-Feb 2013) – Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Riyadh K.S.A
– Consultant In-Charge of Percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation in Pediatric Cardiology (Feb 2012) Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, Riyadh K.S.A
– Head – Adult Congenital Heart Disease Division (March 2011 up to present) – Prince Sultan Cardiac Center , Riyadh K.S.A.
– Visiting Consultant Interventional ACHD (Jan 2011 up to present), Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, Qassim
– Consultant Representative of PSCC for the Medical Violation Committee (April 2009) – Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Riyadh K.S.A
– Consultant In-Charge of Pediatric Mortality and Morbidity, (July 2008 to present) – Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre, Riyadh K.S.A
– Executive Board Member for Saudi Association of Pulmonary Hypertension (Feb 2008 to present)
– Consultant Interventional ACHD (Dec 2007 to present) – Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Riyadh K.S.A
– Consultant (Jan 2008 to present) – Pediatric Cardiology – Prince Sultan Cardiac Centre
– Senior Registar (July 2007 – Dec 2007) – Prince Sultan Cardiac Center Riyadh, K.S.A.
– Fellow Interventional ACHD (July 2005 – June 2007) – Toronto Congenital Cardiac Center for Adult, Toronto General Hospital, University of Toronto, Toronto Canada
– Rigestrar Pediatric Cardiology (April 2002-June 2005) – Prince Sultan Cardiac Center, Riyadh K.S.A.
– Pediatric Registrar (1998-2002) – Riyadh Military Hospital, Riyadh K.S.A.
– Intern (1995-1996) King Fahad University Hospital – Al-Khobar, K.S.A.

Other Information:

Since being appointed as Consultant-in-charge of the ACHD and Pediatric Cardiology, I have been looking after adult patients with Congenital Heart Disease and also covering the
Pediatric Cardiology Service. My work involve; TEE imaging, the performance of all diagnostic and interventional catheter procedure for ACHD patients and additionally, I have a special
interest in the hemodynamic studies of pulmonary hypertension patients.

With regards to my post as Head of Adult Congenital Heart Division, the service includes an ACHD clinic with and average number of 1000 complex CHD patients seen per year. Since January 2009,
we commenced an In-patient unit for ACHD patients with an average of 350 patients admitted per year. Our ACHD program also includes caring for high risk pregnancy patients and high risk non-cardiac surgery cases.

In 2012, I was appointed as Consultant-in-charge of the pulmonary valve program where planned cases are reviewed in teh pediatric cardiology meeting and if accepted, then go for percutaneous pulmonary valve implantation.
I have arranged the 4 workshops held at PSCC and organized the consultant’s training program.