Mahmoud Elbarbary, MD, PhD, MSc, EDIC

Graduated from Cairo in 1983, joined the field of critical care medicine in 1985 and received his postgraduate training in Houston-Texas – USA. He was awarded master degree of cardiology in 1991, European diploma of intensive care in 1999 and PhD in critical care in 2001. Most of his practice over 30 years was in pediatric cardiac critical care. In addition to his practice in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Gulf region, he has adjunct faculty appointments in McMaster university- Canada and in university of South Carolina-USA. He made special contributions in introducing 2 major programs which is evidence based practice and point of care ultrasound. In addition he contributed in several missionary medical services in the limited resource countries mostly in Africa and Asia.  He assumes several academic and clinical posts and currently member of Ethics committee& PFCCS committee in the SCCM. Lectured in several international meetings in topics related to critical care, research, ethics, trans-religious and inter-cultural relationship, shared decision making, evidence based practice and point of care ultrasound. Hethe author of  11 book chapters and more than 50 peer reviewed articles including 6 international guidelines.