William Hellenbrand

Professor of pediatrics
Yale University School of Medicine

William Hellenbrand is the former director of pediatric cardiology both at Columbia University and Yale  University School of Medicine.  He is also the former director of the cardiac catheterization  laboratory for congenital heart disease  at both of those institutions. He did his pediatric and pediatric cardiology training at Yale university School of Medicine

Dr. Hellenbrand’s research focus has been the development and implementation of several important interventional procedures, for patients with congenital heart disease including closure of septal defects, and stent implantation for various obstructions. He has participated in the design and testing of various transcatheter valve therapies including the initial testing leading to approval of the Melody valve in the United States and participated in the COMPASSION clinical trial, which lead to the approval of the Sapien valve for use in the pulmonic position.